As the current COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, we believe the virtual world and our technology will help keep businesses like yours interconnected. This technology creates a user friendly and hands on experience. Read our COVID-19 guidelines.

About Us

VirtualEyes Media is building our client network worldwide by collaborating and showcasing each space uniquely
Founded by two full-time working parents; one in the demanding Country Club Industry and one in Global Facilities and Tech Real Estate, VirtualEyes Media (VEM) was originally created as a small side business with a grand vision!

VEM grew by relying on word-of-mouth referrals to build a client base who were in need of a new and creative way to showcase their unique spaces. Originally starting in the commercial real estate industry, they soon realized this technology was created to serve a much greater purpose and decided to take it to the next level! With both parents having a passion for ALL sports, outdoor recreation, education, travel, and a rapidly expanding family of their own, they inherently understood and respected the value of TIME.

By using, experimenting and combining forms of unique technology, over the course of a few years, they have developed a platform that is exclusive to each client, and can connect audiences with a detailed form of experiential virtual communication through a fully-immersive 3D model of a space.

Our Goal

Help all businesses adapt and connect with their customer base as industries are continually leveraging technology to change the physical marketplace.

Our Mission

Create solutions for industries and businesses worldwide by assisting with the transition of their physical spaces into the digital marketplace; generating visibility to a much broader customer base while supporting business and revenue growth.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Cassie Lowry
CEO & Co-Founder
Troy Lowry
COO & CO-Founder
Luke McGhie
Director of Sales Strategy & Operations
Melanie Carlsen
Marketing & Lead Generation Specialist

Let's Take Your Space Virtual

We pride ourselves on dedicating our creativity and customer service to our valued clientele spanning over several industries including: Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, Education, Museums, AEC, Real Estate and much more!
Terms & Conditions
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