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Using Matterport digital twins to make the AEC industry more efficient

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) field is always looking for new ways to make projects better because the world is always changing. VirtualEyes Media’s digital twins are a unique device that is making waves. This post talks about why and how AEC professionals should use this tool to get many benefits.

Enhanced Visualization and Communication

Matterport’s Digital Twins offer an immersive experience, allowing stakeholders to explore virtual replicas of spaces. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals can showcase designs with clarity, enhancing communication and ensuring alignment from project inception. This representation bridges technical gaps, fosters collaboration, and minimizes misunderstandings.

Streamlined design and planning

Our twins are used in the design and planning phases by providing a detailed understanding of physical spaces. Designers can assess limitations, identify clashes, and optimize layouts effectively. Virtual walkthroughs aid in refining architectural details, improving spatial arrangements, and optimizing material selections, leading to informed decisions and efficient resource utilization.

Efficient project management

Effective project management is vital for successful construction projects. Matterport Digital Twins streamline processes by enabling remote progress assessment and real-time decision-making. Project managers can monitor adherence to design specifications, quality control, and compliance, reducing the need for frequent site visits and enhancing overall efficiency through improved coordination and timely decision-making.

Enhanced Facility Management and Maintenance

VirtualEyes virtual tours (aka: digital twins) extend benefits beyond construction, aiding in facility management and maintenance. Facility managers gain insights into building layouts, infrastructure, and systems, facilitating streamlined operations and effective asset lifecycle planning. Integration of maintenance schedules and documentation enhances efficiency, which is particularly beneficial for large-scale properties and institutions.

Matterport Digital Twins have emerged as a transformative force in the AEC industry, offering enhanced visualization, streamlined design processes, efficient project management, and improved facility maintenance. Embracing this technology optimizes workflows, fosters collaboration, and ensures superior project outcomes. The time to harness the power of Matterport Digital Twins is now. By incorporating Matterport Digital Twins into asset lifecycle planning, organizations can achieve greater accuracy and cost savings throughout the entire lifespan of their properties. This innovative technology allows for detailed virtual representations that can be utilized for ongoing maintenance, renovations, and future development projects.

For example, a university utilizing Matterport Digital Twins can easily manage maintenance schedules for its numerous buildings, ensuring all facilities are properly maintained and serviced. By integrating these digital twins into their asset lifecycle planning, the university can streamline design processes for renovations or new construction projects, ultimately saving time and resources in the long run.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your asset management strategies and stay ahead of the competition. By incorporating Matterport Digital Twins into your workflow, you can unlock a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness in your projects.


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