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When the new year starts, property managers typically begin to deliberate about how to nurture business for new and returning clients.

If you’ve been following us, you’ll hear us say (or see us write in this case), “having your space built into a Digital Twin, doesn’t mean it is worthy of being customer facing”.

Let event planners discover why your space could be the perfect venue for corporate events, weddings, meeting spaces, photo shoots, etc.

Capture existing conditions before beginning the design phase and replace time-consuming manual measurements with a 3D point cloud or OBJ files that can be imported directly into your BIM software.

Provide comprehensive loss documentation and eliminate hundreds of photographs, measurements and written statements with 3D walk-throughs.

Our scan automatically stitches all your data together and allows you to export your data easily, saving significant amounts of manual work and time.

A digital twin provides everyone the information they need to feel more confident about going back to school safely during these uncertain times. Full transparency and visibility can help restore normalcy in our communities again.