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Revolutionizing Assisted Living: Embracing Matterport Digital Twins for Enhanced Care


Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of care and improving the resident experience in the ever-changing world of assisted and senior living. One of the revolutionary technologies that is having a major impact is Matterport’s Digital Twins. Discover in this blog post the potential of how VirtualEyes Media and Assisted Living facilities are transforming the assisted/senior living industry, enhancing care, streamlining operations, and creating a secure and cozy environment for residents.

Choosing the perfect living space is essential for senior residents and their families. With VirtualEyes Media and our use of Matterport technology, assisted living facilities are providing virtual tours of resident rooms. Through detailed replicas, potential residents and their families can virtually tour and evaluate room layouts, sizes, and amenities. Providing such a high level of detail and transparency assists residents in making well-informed decisions and guarantees a smooth transition to their new home.

Improving Safety and Accessibility

Digital Twins play a crucial role in evaluating and improving safety and accessibility features in assisted living facilities. With detailed 3D representations of common areas, rooms, and hallways, facility managers can pinpoint potential hazards, enhance layouts for easy navigation, and incorporate essential safety features. This technology is great for assessing the compatibility of rooms for people with particular accessibility requirements, guaranteeing a welcoming and accommodating environment for all residents.

Enhanced Care Planning and Staff Training

VirtualEyes twins provide a valuable resource for care planning and staff training in assisted living facilities. Through the creation of virtual replicas of common areas, staff members can become acquainted with the physical layout and enhance care routines accordingly. Caregivers can create scenarios, perfect protocols, and pinpoint areas for enhancement without disrupting residents’ daily schedules. This technology enhances staff training by offering immersive and interactive experiences, improving knowledge retention, and facilitating efficient onboarding processes.

Remote Family Engagement and Support

Digital Twins are crucial for enhancing family connections and providing support, especially for those who cannot be there in person. With virtual tours, families have the opportunity to explore their loved ones’ living spaces and gain a better understanding of the environment in which they reside. This technology enables seamless remote communication and collaboration among families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, ensuring they can stay connected, make well-informed decisions, and offer essential support from afar.

Creating a space that promotes well-being and comfort

Assisted living facilities create spaces that focus on resident wellness and comfort. Through virtual exploration, designers and architects can enhance layouts to maximize natural light, smooth flow, and a peaceful ambiance. This technology enables the visualization and customization of spaces to cater to the specific needs and preferences of residents, creating an environment that boosts well-being and improves the overall quality of life.

VirtualEyes digital twins are a revolutionary solution in the assisted and senior living industry, transforming care, safety, and resident experiences. Embracing this technology allows assisted living facilities to provide personalized virtual tours, improve safety measures, simplify care planning and staff training, encourage remote family engagement, and design spaces that focus on resident wellness and comfort. With the increasing need for top-notch senior care, the industry needs to utilize Matterport Digital Twins to deliver outstanding care and support to our cherished senior community. Step into the future of assisted living and explore the boundless opportunities presented by Digital Twins!


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