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VEM offers an end-to-end solution.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service while creatively collaborating with our Clients!
3D Capture of your space(s) and simple add-ons can be purchased online at this time.
Other additions may require a complimentary consultation.

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The Capture:
Your Digital Twin’s Foundation

  • Each capture (scan) is unique - we will set up a consultation prior to any capture to collect all the necessary details.
  • Your Digital Twin is not just a visual virtual tour, but also a collection of data points that allows you to digitally recreate your space on a number of software platforms.
  • The capture is the foundation of your immersive experience! Our Team will work with you to create a successful model- tailored to reach your goals!

(The "Buildout" Phase)

  • Where the real fun begins! Brainstorm the MANY use cases your model can represent!
  • Our platform offers various features to enhance the user experience.
  • Visit our Portfolio to experience some of these features: Hotspot Menu, Measurement Tool, Customized Tags, Embedded Media, and more!
Platfrom Access

The VEM Platform

  • Gain access to our post-production platform.
    Subscriptions: price based upon features, includes a personalized tutorial, and much more!
  • Creatively collaborate with your project manager!
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Take a Tour & Explore!

  • If you have a VR set, we'll explore a space together to discuss use case and options!
  • Each project is unique! Inquire about our custom pricing for your project!
Drone Footage-min

Drone Footage

  • Bring your business to new heights!
  • Embed your drone footage into your 3D Virtual Tour, creating an immersive, and interactive experience.
  • This add-on feature can be used as a way to showcase your property for event management, real estate, renovations and construction projects and more!

Discounts & Promotions

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Asset Page

  • Host your 3D virtual tour on our Asset Page!
  • Showcase photos, videos, contact information and links to your social media and website all on one page!
  • Create a one-stop-shop for your customers to see all that your company has to offer!

Analytics Page

  • Collect leads and track user experience.
  • Learn about customer preferences, user behavior, peak hours, preferred devices and more!
  • View user clicks on tags and where the most time is spent on your virtual tour.


  • Add context to specific locations, objects, and features within your virtual tour with customizable tags!
  • Create a more immersive and interactive experience by adding tags throughout your tour.
  • Embed text, photos, videos, music, links and more into your tags.

Media Embedding

  • Integrate links, images, videos, gifs, and other content into your Digital twin!
  • Generate more engagement by embedding media into your interactive tour.
  • Highlight important amenities, and features within your model!