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Every Space Has It's Story...
Let Us Help You Tell It to the World!

We have created a powerful and cost-effective tool to dynamically showcase your space, increase workflow, and generate new revenue streams while saving time and increasing visibility and value.


By combining Matterport 3D, detailed drone footage, AND presenting on the VirtualEyes Platform, we can create a one-of-a-kind experience to enhance each experience of your space(s)!

As if the 3D Virtual tour wasn’t amazing enough?! When combined with embedded media (audio, visual, text), customized navigation menu, e-commerce option, highlight reels, and analytics page, it creates a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool for your venue/campus tours, construction projects, social media platforms, and much more!

Whether utilized for your Members, Investors, Board of Directors, Patrons, Fans, Students, or Employees, our platform has the ability to tailor each model to any audience including a fully immersive, informational, and impactful 3D experience.

We have updated many of our services by creatively collaborating with our clients and executing by bringing new technology and industry use cases to the forefront.

Our Packages

VirtualEyes Media understands there is a clear difference between a residential home and a football stadium. Our pricing was designed with that in mind.

If you have a unique or larger space we’ll work with you and customize your offer.

Residential & Small Commercial

Spaces up to 5,000 sqft
(Starting as low as $240)

  • Share your Space(s) Remotely: VEM has the latest technology to capture both interior and exterior spaces.

  • Customizable Packagesto meet our client’s creative vision. Inquire about the add-on features and benefits!

Commercial Package

Spaces between 8,000 – 15,000 sqft
(Starting as low as $1190)

  • Createan immersive experience to showcase your space!

  • 24/7 Availability: Your model is available at all times for tours to increase visibility & generate revenue!

  • Dedicated Customer Service: Your Project Manager is dedicated to your project ensuring its completion and offering continued support.

Specialized Use Cases

(Starting as low as $600)

  • Virtual Staging: use multiple copies of your tour to showcase different arrangements of furniture, venue set-ups, restaurant reservations, and more

  • Training & Onboarding: Embed tutorials in the model to onboard or train new employees, showcase new processes.

Spaces larger than 15,000 sqft, we meet live to understand objectives and we’ll customize the quote and offering.

Our Services

VirtualEyes Media has been at this since 2018 and is well respected in the industry. Known for our ability to showcase your space in ways you may not have even considered and take on projects of enormous size (airports, arenas, entire school districts, large office complexes, 30,000 sq. ft. estates).

Capture: 3D Models

Capturing your space is the foundation to any project.


This part of the project is when all the goodies are added to your model(s).

Platform Access

Check out the features our platform offers to showcase your space(s).

Virtual Reality Experiences

We can create an immersive and interactive VR tour.

Drone Footage

Bring your business to new heights.
Showcase your property from all angles.

Discounts Galore

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Asset Page

Host your 3D virtual tour, a photo gallery, lead form, branding, social media integrations, property description and more on our Asset Page.

Analytics Page

Collect leads and track your user experience on our Analytics Page.


Add context to specific locations, objects, and features within your virtual tour with customizable tags.

What We Do and What They Say

Watch our overview video & read testimonials from our Clients.

  • VirtualEyes Media is innovating the way we reach our prospective clients. An easy process, absolute pleasure to work with, and their cutting-edge tools allow for a crafty virtual experience that truly impacts the way people see our Club

  • Cassie and the VirtualEyes team have been great to work with! The team is extremely detailed, great with communication, and have had years of experience working around real estate scanning and media. I would highly recommend them!

  • VirtualEyes has been great and have exceeded expectations! They were quick to update any special requests. Not only have they been able to create a beautiful tour of our indoor facilities, but they have also been able to create flawless drone footage to showcase our golf course. I’ll use them again and am looking forward to a long relationship.

  • We are thrilled with both tours (and the Cal Aggie video!), and it was such a pleasure working with VEM. The VEM team helped us navigate these new technologies. You have helped the Museum broaden its reach and helped us preserve stories in a new way. We can't thank you enough.

  • About a week after I changed my home-owners insurance policy, the California CZU fires broke out and I was forced to evacuate. Having these scans helped me out immensely as I was able to share with my insurance the details of valuables that were being contested by their underwriter

Our Numbers


… of homebuyers say virtual tours are at timesaver!


… of marketers are reallocating budgets towards investing in compelling visual assets like 3D virtual tours!

5x to 10x

... more time spent on websites with virtual tours.

Our Partners

We collaborate with several organizations spanning various industries.