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3D Real-Estate: Property Managers

3D Real-Estate: Property Managers


When the new year starts, property managers typically begin to deliberate about how to nurture business for new and returning clients.

Back in the new year of 2020, just ahead of Covid-19, one of the most crucial considerations confronting a range of managers was how to leverage new and ever-changing technology.

Fortunately for them, virtual marketing was on the verge of becoming a more affordable reality at the time. Virtual technology was and continues to be a viable replacement and outlet for managers and clients alike to gain insights into a location without physically being present.

Now that we’re well into 2022, with a recession looming, it is becoming even more critical to reduce overhead, and property managers can do just that. Given that consumer awareness is improving with the high-growth fields of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Virtual Tours (VT), more and more properties are turning to VirtualEyes Media for our tours.

Property managers we’ve worked with to deploy Virtual Tours, while hard to measure, state they are seeing a 20%-30% improvement in their key measures: Qualified application conversion and high-quality interest.  They are directly seeing higher engagement with their website, and time spent on the VT’s increasing.

VR is a place to seize control of the apartment, short-term rental, and multi-family marketing industries. Managers must make critical judgments on how to incorporate these new developments into an overall marketing plan.

It has been suggested that VR 360 or even 3D Tours may soon be more important than any other marketing feature currently used in real estate. Indeed, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and VT’s are the first point of contact for many people with each property. And, just like plants, grass, and trees, your virtual tour can either help or hurt your new business.

Virtual Tours (VT) and even VR tours (yep, wearing those strange-looking goggles or glasses) are set to become a portal for people who research your properties, and those of your local competitors, for an average of 4-6 hours from anywhere on the planet before relocating.

With our unique platform and production skills, VirtualEyes Media has helped hundreds of businesses, including real estate agents (Realtors) and property managers, boost their marketing outreach since 2018.

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