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Because they can, doesn’t mean they should

If you’ve been following us, you’ll hear us say (or see us write in this case), “having your space built into a Digital Twin, doesn’t mean it is worthy of being customer facing”.

Digital Twins (3D scan models) can help elevate your brand by serving as a one-of-a-kind extension of it. It is vital that the business partners who create content for you realize the value of quality production when it comes to developing and releasing your content.

While ‘Quality’ is one of VirtualEyes Media’s six pillars, it’s crucial to note that there are low barriers to entry into this sector, and as a result, quality difficulties will arise.

Note: we wouldn’t leave you hanging… our other brand pillars are (Value, Transparency, Creativity, Experience and Forward-thinking).

There are many providers of VR Tours and VT’s. We’ve had the opportunity to work side-by-side with providers across the US and as a result, we’ve witnessed quality and production concerns.

We see it all the time when we are called upon to re-create 3D models that have gone wrong.

Should we really skimp on who we hire when the cost is upwards of 15 cents/sf (for each scan) plus your brand reputation risks (we’ve seen over-looked logos from a different brand published live on another brands website)?

All of the top-tier suppliers we’ve dealt with and referred business to have three things in common:

Experience: Years of hands-on experience in both “Scanning” and “Post-Production” (editing and embedding other rich media into models). We would recommend choosing a provider who has produced at least 60,000 scan points (that breaks down to approx. 200HRs of camera time)
Equipment: To keep this simple there are two groups of equipment in this space right now. Cameras that command upwards of 15 cents/sf and cameras that don’t. For the former, your provider should be using one or both of two cameras on the market – Matterport Pro2 (or Matterport Pro3 when it comes out) or a Leica BLK (btw, most accurate). Inquire with your provider about the equipment that will be used in your space.
Proof and transparency: Any provider should be proud of their portfolio and willing to share it. Furthermore, they should be willing to show you examples of their early work versus current work and explain how their techniques and procedures have evolved. That is complete transparency.

Don’t blindly associate your brand with inadequate production value. Start looking at side-by-side comparisons amongst 360 or 3D Tours. The gaps can be very drastic sometimes.

We strive to be objective and transparent, so even if you don’t work with us, feel free to ask us for referrals to teams we’d recommend in your area.

Be careful out there. Not everyone that can buy equipment and turn out scans, should be turning out scans (they are more than welcome to spend their hard-earned money).

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