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Unleash Your Venue’s Potential

Unleash Your Venue’s Potential with Virtual Tours (Part 1 of 2)


First Things First

Welcome to what will be a continued focus on highlighting how VirtualEyes Media is being surgical in what industries we write about, market to, and partner with. In this two-part blog, we explore the Venue Marketing & Sales arena.


If you have ever been part of selecting a venue for a special event, be it a retirement party, bat mitzvah, corporate party, wedding, or simply a birthday party, you know it can be challenging.


On the flip side, if you are on the venue side in marketing, sales, catering, operations, or anything associated with making your venue special to prospective guests, we invite you to read along. Okay, even if you don’t fit those categories, we want you to read along.


This blog and the accompanying webinar are intended for anyone on the supplier/venue side, event planners, and even the clients. Join us to discuss anything you may have read here or any questions or concerns we can address regarding virtual tours.


Shine by creating additional value

Even though one group within a company or organization may have hired us for a particular project, when we get to talking about how they intend to use the 3D virtual tour, we pique their interest by highlighting other uses. And, you know what? They frequently recognize the value of the fact that their venue sales and marketing team, in-house planners, and operations (facilities, catering, and design teams) can use the digital twins we create for their intended use at no additional cost!


Do you think virtual tours were awesome before? VirtualEyes Media, with the use of various technologies, including our Matterport Pro 3 cameras, various DJI indoor and outdoor drones, and our VirtualWalk™ platform during post-production, is making even cooler-looking virtual tours.


Go ahead, get that deposit site unseen

Promoting venues for events isn’t always easy. Conventional methods don’t usually capture these locations’ distinctive qualities. Just think about the challenges of attempting to market an experience with few visuals and broad language. Even more challenging is getting prospective clients or event planners to visit your space without enticing them with some drinks on the house and horderves! What about getting prospective interest from those who may live, let’s say, further than 50 miles away?


There’s a clear reason why OEM’s like Matterport and Leica are investing so much in “Property Intelligence.


Granted a small sample of 30 respondents, VirtualEye’s survey of in-house wedding and event planners across Northern California shows that the venues with 3D virtual tours to share have increased reach by a whopping 60%–70%, and they are getting deposits more easily from clients at greater distances, site unseen (the radius of bookings increased by 40% or 30 miles).


If you haven’t already begun, we encourage planners to request that venues have a 3D tour that you can experience. Even if you know the venue intimately and have used it many times, with a digital twin (virtual tour), you can actually perform an in-depth recce, take measurements, and play around with seating for each event differently (again, all or mostly done remotely).


Boosting event revenues and registrations

Now is the time to discuss numbers. The crux of the matter is how 3D Virtual Tours accompanied by bells and whistles that come during post-production, affect event sales and reservations. The short answer is: A LOT. If you’re looking to sell anything, Matterport is a fantastic tool to use, not just for showing off.


The interactive nature of 3D digital twins inspires trust in customers, which in turn increases interest and, ultimately, reservations. Users can preview the visual and auditory aspects of their events, which speeds up the decision-making process and boosts sales. Getting people to attend your events and complete your business is just as important as marketing.


In the next post, we will go further into how VirtualEyes Media, using Matterport technology, is elevating events, solving issues specific to the venue, and anticipating emerging trends and ideas. With us, you will have everything you need to market and sell your events.


Let us throw one other thing out there. Our co-founders and a handful of staff came into this line of work from being General Managers, Director of Real Estate & Facilities, and leaders in Beverage & Catering at some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading country clubs.



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