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Event planning is a complex and detail-oriented industry that requires a high level of organization and communication. As an event planner, one of your primary goals is to create a memorable experience for your clients and their guests. One way to do this is by incorporating Matterport Digital Twins into your event planning strategy.

Matterport Digital Twins are 3D models of physical spaces that provide an immersive experience for those who view them. They are created using 360-degree cameras that capture every detail of a space, including its dimensions, layout, and design. Event planners can use Matterport Digital Twins to showcase their event spaces in a way that traditional 2D photos and videos cannot.

Here are three reasons why event planners should use Matterport Digital Twins:

  1. Increase Efficiency: Matterport Digital Twins allow event planners to take virtual tours of event spaces from anywhere, at any time. This means event planners don’t need to schedule in-person site visits for every event. This saves time and resources and increases efficiency. It also allows event planners to expand their reach to clients who may not be able to travel to see the event space in person.
  2. Showcase Event Spaces in Detail: Matterport Digital Twins provide a highly detailed view of an event space. They allow clients to see the layout, the size of each room, and how the rooms connect to each other. This level of detail can help clients make more informed decisions about whether an event space is right for them. It also helps event planners highlight the unique features of an event space that may not be apparent in traditional 2D photos and videos.
  3. Enhance Event Design: Matterport Digital Twins can be used to create a virtual design of the event space. This allows event planners to experiment with different design elements, such as furniture arrangements, lighting, and decorations. It also helps clients visualize the final product and provides an opportunity to make changes before the actual event.

So, how can event planners incorporate Matterport Digital Twins into their event planning strategy? Here are some tips:

  1. Hire a Professional: While it is possible to create Matterport Digital Twins using consumer-grade 360-degree cameras, it is best to hire a professional to create high-quality models. Professionals have the experience and expertise needed to create models that are visually stunning and accurately represent the event space.
  2. Use Digital Twins in Marketing Materials: Once a Matterport Digital Twin is created, use it in marketing materials such as event proposals and brochures. Be sure to include a link to the virtual tour in all digital and print materials.
  3. Incorporate into Event Design: Matterport Digital Twins can also be used to create a virtual design of the event space. This allows event planners to experiment with different design elements and provide clients with a realistic visualization of the final product.

In conclusion, Matterport Digital Twins are an innovative and effective way for event planners to showcase event spaces and provide a memorable experience for clients. By using these 3D models, event planners can increase efficiency, showcase event spaces in detail, and enhance event design. Incorporating Matterport Digital Twins into an event planning strategy can help attract more clients and create a more positive experience for event attendees.


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