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3D & 2D Visualization

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Rendering Services

  • Building Information Model (BIM)
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • ArchiCAD
  • Floor Plans

3D Digital Twin (Virtual Tour)

  • Matterport models (Out-of-the-Box)
  • VirtualWalk(TM) (Enhanced from OOTB)
  • Promote (Market) space tours
  • Operational models for Back-of-House training
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Building Information Model (BIM)

BIM software enables communication between engineers, architects, and contractors throughout the lifespan of a building by combining digital modeling with real-world data. It includes comprehensive details regarding materials, quantities, pricing, and operational aspects, in addition to basic geometry.

This digital portrayal supports informed decision-making by serving as a shared knowledge resource from design to destruction.

Scan to BIM techniques create accurate 3D models from laser-scanned data, enhancing visualization, spatial awareness, and project documentation for new and restoration projects.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a way to digitally create 2D drawings and 3D models of real-world products before they’re ever manufactured. 3D computer-aided design (CAD) makes it simple to share, evaluate, simulate, and alter designs, which can lead to the rapid development of unique and inventive products.

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Floor Plans including Elevations (2D)

Scale drawings known as floor plans illustrate the relationships between rooms, spaces, and physical characteristics as seen from above. They offer a means of visualizing how people will navigate the area. Prior to proceeding into more involved planning or construction stages, floor plans make it simpler to determine whether the space is appropriate for its intended use, work through any potential obstacles, and redesign. Experimenting with various design options and circulation flows—which depict how people move through the space—can also be enjoyable.

Have a need for 3D Floor plans?  We have you covered there too with 4k images and .fml files, allowing visualization of empty spaces.

Digital Twin

Providing the ability to view your project like a Virtual Tour, a Digital Twin is just another name for providing the accurate ability to navigate your space as a digital replica.

We offer the Out-of-the-Box option from Matterport, or we take the model and in post-production, using our VirtualWalk platform, we enhance your model based on your needs.

We categorize a model as either for "Promote" use cases (customer facing, sales enablement, marketing, etc), or as "Operate" (facilities management, Back-of-House training modules, space planning, etc).


Phased Construction Management

While we may build out your Matterport digital twin model for other uses with our VirtualWalk(TM) we also provide access to a great 3rd Party viewer and project management tool.  SIM-Stages is the best out-of-the-box product on the market at the moment, allowing the side-by-side viewing of every stage of your projects, when scanned in Matterport.

We can provide you access to this tool through us, or you can purchase it directly and we can help your team navigate use

Conversion Services

Modeling Services

Staff a virtual drafing team

BIM / CAD outputs

BIM and CAD files and models can be created at varying Levels of Detail (LOD). We outline the five most common levels of detail standards, using BIM as an example of what is included in each subsequent LOD. We can draft and model to your needs; each LOD will be quoted prior to starting



Shows element shapes and sizes without details. It communicates design purpose.

The schematic design refines the model by approximating element amounts, sizes, forms, and positions. It aids geographical analysis and early design.



Refines the model by approximating element amounts, sizes, forms, and positions. It aids geographical analysis and early design.

The model provides geometric information, sizes, forms, and item components in



Creates building documentation and coordinates disciplines.


(Fabricate & Assemble)

This level creates comprehensive models with particular assemblies and connections for fabrication and assembly.


(As-built & Facilities Mgmt)

The model incorporates installed and functioning building elements to simulate real-world maintenance and facility management situations.