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Scanning Capture Services, Reality Capture

VirtualEyes Media got our start in 2018 offering scanning services (aka Reality Capture) as our core and have evolved from there. Our first piece of hardware was a Matterport Pro2, and now we own and operate over 30 different scanning devices, but our most requested is still a Matterport scan with the latest Pro3 series.

We have been offering both On-the-Ground (Matterport, Leica) and In-the-Air (Drone) scanning as a comprehensive service since 2020 and are continuing to invest in drone technology.



Our scanning services on the ground are...

Drone Footage-min


Our scanning services in the air are...

  • Low-Density Capture (point-cloud density)
  • High-Density Capture
  • Phased project capture (aerial available)
  • Aerial Survey & Mapping
  • Elevated Facad capture
  • Fill capture (dirt/rock volume)
  • High-rise exterior capture

Phased Construction

Building and project management teams use VirtualEyes to document and track phases. Pre-construction and all phases in between may be scanned. Many of our builders want progress reports to monitor drywall, MEP, and other subcontractors.

Our breadth of hardware allows us to create a budget-friendly scan plan for all development phases. We can scan high-density phase completion reports or affordable, low-density progress reports.

We scope your solution based on your needs and a line-item, phase-by-phase estimate. Naturally, we offer bulk discounts with a phased capture strategy.

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High Density vs. Low Density

When we capture, we are actually capturing millions to billions of data points that the scanner picks up. These data points are called "point cloud". The more dense the point-cloud, the more accurate outputs and measurements will be.

VirtualEyes generally captures data at a moderate density however we offer our clients high density scanning for a modest cost.

Aerial Survey & Mapping

Do you have a site that needs aerial surveying?

  • Aerial Survey & Mapping
  • Elevated Facad capture
  • Fill capture (dirt/rock volume)
  • High-rise exterior capture
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