VirtualEyes Media

Professional Services


Post-Production Services

  • Safety Training
  • Employee Training
  • Guided Tours (with or without Audio)
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Dedicated drafting team for longer term or on-going projects
Professional Services1

Consulting Services

  • Scan Training
  • Project Consulting
  • Bid Analysis

VirtualEyes provides services for any industry, not jonly AEC. Post-production services, such as creating a digital twin (virtual tour) model utilizing our VirtualWalk platform, add features, capabilities, tools, rich media, and more to benefit the audience.

We offer customized consulting services too. Given our expertise in project management and capturing vast and ambiguous spaces, both interior and exterior, on-the-ground and aerial, we've been hired to train companies on scanning. We also consult during the bid process, getting quotes from other reality capture providers nationwide when we otherwise couldn't scan.

  • Low-Density Capture (point-cloud density)
  • High-Density Capture
  • Phased project capture (aerial available)
  • Aerial Survey & Mapping
  • Elevated Facad capture
  • Fill capture (dirt/rock volume)
  • High-rise exterior capture
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Given the nature and breadth of our services, we require free consultations in order to provide a price estimate.