VirtualEyes Media

3D Scanning, Modeling and More for AEC Professionals

Depending on your project needs, VirtualEyes scans with a variety of hardware, typically either a Matterport Pro3, Leica BLK360 or a variety of higher-end laser scanners.

The data collected is technically millions to billions of data points called Point-cloud which can then be rendered in many output formats.

VirtualEyes offers many services for the AEC industry in particular for visualizing your space. From a basic 2D Floor Plan to 3D Virtual tours. Our Building information modeling (BIM) and Computer-aided design (CAD) services provide the most common outputs.

If you have a 50 year old 2D blueprint that you want a 3D model for we can provide that too.

VirtualEyes experience in the 3D scanning and modeling space enables us to provide additional services across Post-production (model build outs) and Consulting.

In particular, we have been commissioned to manage some of the largest projects, in size and complexity, in the world and can assist your team broadly or narrowly.